How to Avoid Making an Entrance of Yourself



2nd-25th August 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Pleasance Hunt & Darton Cafe (venue 172) 17-21 St Marys Street EH1 1SU 


Project website and ticket info HERE






 Would Be Nice Though... (by Dot Howard and Holly Bodmer)


Photo by Holly Rumble  

This performance is showing at venues across the UK in 2013. Norwich Playhouse, Warwick Arts Centre and Sprint Festival (London) have hosted sell-out shows.

Keep an eye on the project website ( for up-coming dates in Autumn 2013.

'Would Be Nice Though...' will be at Norwich Arts Centre on 14th and 17th May. Click here for more details. 

"Intriguing, intelligent and frequently laugh-out-loud funny" The Independent ****

"Without giving too much away, Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard's show is cleverly set up, interactive in a genuinely non-scary way, and shows off their considerable talents as improvisers." The List ****

"An excellent example of modern performance art... intelligent, hilarious, charming, witty, relevant and personal and more importantly it is as a completely successful work in an area of performance that's still being defined." ***** 

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