Selected Performances from 2002

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Three Step Endeavour

A collaborative performance as the UK Professional Hopscotch Team with Holly Darton and Vicki Weitz. A 'Live Art Collective East' commission, produced by ArtsAdmin.



Would Be Nice Though...

Site-specific performance about those moments before THAT interview. Devised and performed with Holly Bodmer as 'Odd Comic'.

Untitled (Holly had a hamster that lived semi-wild under the floorboards of her family home for many months)

A performance inspired by the lost pets in our lives.



A Declaration of Principals and Intentions

Solo performance at SHUNT, London for 'Micronations Revolution' 

More info coming soon!




Viva Experimental!

Solo performance in conjunction with 'Super K Sonic Booooum!' at Manchester Metropolitan University for the Manchester Science Festival.


What's Under Dega's Tutu?

Collaborative performance with Will Teather and holly Bodmer inspired by gallery etiquette for the Sainsbury Centre Late Shift, Norwich. 


As It Was: As It Is (again)

Performance and public procession in response to the history of the building which houses Norwich Arts Centre.

More info coming soon!



Hop, Step and Jump

Public intervention with LACE (Live Art Collective East)



Hand-drawn posters about my performances



A Declaration of Intentions and Principals

An action/installation about aspirations


2009: _____________________________________________________


Backstage Tours of Norwich Playhouse

Tours with a twist for the Live East festival


As It Was; As it Is

A public discussion/procession







Longwinded in Five Parts

An investigation into the sonic properties of balloons


Species of Spaces
A collaboration with Sonic Artist Holly Rumble



Shit Screaming

Performance for the Alytus Bienale 2, Lithuania


I am Your Worst Nightmare (The Jingle)
Durational Performance at the Arnolfini, Bristol


What I Say Goes
Participatory performance lecture for a 'Rules and Regs' networking event at South Hill Arts Centre, Essex


Voice  Metaphors

Durational performance at Dartington College of Art, Devon


27 Songs (The Circle Line Choral Society)

Durational performance on the London Underground. Commissioned by 'Nomad'


Lost Courage

Durational performance at an OMSK event, London


Roadside Intervention
Intervention on a South London road



Performance in a Southampton City 'Artvault'. Commissioned by 'Rules and Regs' 

You Silly Selfish Little Girl, You Close Your Heart Too Easily

Durational performance in Saint Pancras Crypt Gallery, London

Got You

Durational performance for an OMSK event, The Old Limehouse Town Hall, London


Red Carpet Performance
Durational performance for 'Expo 04', Nottingham


Durational performance commissioned by The Royal Festival Hall, London


Somebody Loves You (Rubble Wrap)
Durational performance in a North London Chappel, London


Dorothy Do It
Durational performance for the 'East End Collaborations Platform '03', London


Balloon Performance
Durational performance at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London